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178) Pet Shop Boys - Please

It’s the mid 80’s I’m home from school fourteen or fifteen and remember if you have read any previous reviews the biggest expert on music in the UK in my mind. 


My mate across the road came over later on asking me if I had seen Poparound with Gary Crowley and watched the Pet Shop Boys.  I had actually, with the band performing Opportunities.  I said something along the lines of yes it was a good song but I bet we never hear of them again. 


I have just had a look at the official UK Charts site.  Eighteen top ten albums

I sometimes think for every opinion or belief I had from about twelve to thirty I should have done the opposite as I was almost universally wrong on everything and that brief marriage may have never happened.  Thank God I am so wise now.


You don’t need me to tell you that the songs are structured on synths and drum machines none more so than the opener Two Divided By Zero which has spoken word samples throughout, it’s a good start but then we move this to a wonderful record with the four singles West End Girls, Opportunities, Love Comes Quickly and Suburbia, four perfectly crafted pop songs that still delight today.  Love Comes was the lesser hit but is a beautifully crafted song.


Tonight is Forever Neil Tennent excels himself on the chorus, and Violence employs backing singers to excellent effect and I Want a Lover with the glorious line “I don’t care whether its wrong or right, I want a lover.”


Later Tonight is a classy ballad with a haunting piano and I have no idea obviously but I just feel that Why Don’t We Live Together? would sound great in a club.


Thankfully we did hear of them again and again. Once an idiot always an idiot, I should have that phrase tattooed on.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Love Comes Quickly

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John Medd
John Medd
Apr 15

As debut albums go, it's a corker; I was only thinking about it the other day - I'll definitely go and dig out my vinyl copy. And Love Comes Quickly was a far superior song to West End Girls.

John Medd


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