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Albums in 200 Words


Electric Guitar

If you are reading this, then you have an interest in music. Growing up my mum listened to Abba and Barry Manilow, I cannot say they moved me. The odd song on Top of the Pops I thought was okay, but it was at my friend’s house when I was about thirteen that my love for music began.

He put on one of his big brother’s singles. The riff started and ten seconds later the drums kicked in with the singer, who certainly did not have a voice like Manilow, opening with “Darling you have got to let me know?” This was Should I Stay Or Should I Go? by The Clash. What a song, I was hooked, and Combat Rock was purchased with my paper run money the following Saturday. The first of hundreds of albums bought.

We all have our own tastes and the reviews that I will write will be mine. I am not saying I am right, it’s just my opinion and some of the albums will take me back to a certain time or experience. I may not even write much about the actual album, if at all, just what was happening and what I thought.

Two hundred words is not much but then who wants to read a 5,000-word analysis of Robson & Jerome’s debut album. Even if I tell you nothing and waffle about something else, I will mark out of ten and recommend a track to stream, because as my daughter informs me no one listens to whole albums anymore.


I am not a musician I do not know what a snare drum sounds like or what a Fairlight does, this is just me expressing my love of music.

It may be an undisputed classic, a new release or something that you have never heard of, but I may have always loved it, or hated it.

If you have an album, you would like me to listen to go to my Contact Page and send me an email or a DM on Twitter and I will give it a listen if I can get it on a certain well know fruit named streaming site and I will review.  Do not tell me what you think so I am not influenced, and we can agree or disagree, no jazz please! Plus do not ask me to review your band as you are way more talented than me and I do not want to offend if I do not like. However, I am happy to retweet anything you are releasing. The plan is to release two reviews a week so I will let you know if you send me a request.


I can guarantee each review will average 200 words. Hopefully concise, snappy, and debatable. Thanks for reading and hopefully we can all find new music that we like.

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