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182) The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

I get what they did, I really do. I understand Lennon McCartney writing their own songs was a revelation and clearly George Harrison was no slouch as they conquered and transformed the music world.


McCartney announced they were done in April 1970, and I was not born until December 1970 so nearly fifty-four years later they are still the biggest group ever and analysed and poured over whenever they are mentioned.


However, for me, they are okay (probably one of the most ridiculous lines I have written). Do not get me wrong I like them and if I am somewhere and a Beatles song comes on, I enjoy it, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away is majestic,  I am not swearing like a trooper like when I hear Wet Wet Wet.


Brilliant, without a doubt is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Lennon’s hazy dream like vocals before a rousing gorgeous chorus, people talk about songs that are genius, this is one of them.


Songs like With a Little Help from my Friends (Oh God I’m back on Wet Wet Wet), Getting Better, When I’m Sixty-Four and Good Morning Good Morning wouldn’t seem out of place to me on a kid’s TV show, maybe that again is the genius and I am missing it, I probably am.


Harrison’s Within You Without You not my type of music at all and I find Lovely Rita quite slight. The title tracks and Mr Kite are ones I could listen to again and again and A Day in The Life shows us the magic of Lennon and McCartney.


I have tried, oh so many times, but I do not feel I will ever love The Beatles like most of the world do and I cannot help but feel I am missing out.


7/10 for what they did for music and Lucy.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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