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181) Wrens - Secaucus

Like many things in my life what I know about Wrens could be written on the back of a postage stamp. When I do my usual shake of the head when someone does not know a band, I have been into for years I should remember these requests when I genuinely do not have a clue.


It’s the usual read up then and listen to the album three times before, as they say, putting pen to paper.


Bloody hell, they were a four piece that formed in 1989 and have so far released three albums and were promising a fourth since 2003 but the usual things, life, record companies and money seemed to have scuppered this and now the two main men Greg Whelan and Charles Bissell couldn’t be further apart.


Secaucus was their second album released in 1996 and we have nineteen tracks clocking in at just under an hour. It will be no shock to people who do know the band that on first listen I am picking up The Pixies and Pavement, no terrible thing.


It’s an album that’s all over the place, no that’s not fair, it’s an album that deserves more than three listens as this record reveals different things each time, I have listened to it.


I cannot write about nineteen tracks but Built In Girls is a swagger from start to finish and Surprise, Honeycomb they deserved a hit and Won’t Get Too Far is a lovely strum along to change the mood. Pixies would love Still Complaining in their back catalogue and listen to the guitars that come into Jane Fakes a Hug.


I’ve Made Enough Friends is beautifully constructed before we go for the shout along of Luxury and Safe and Comfortable and It’s Not Getting any Good are songs that you should want to hear again and again.


Nineteen songs and fifty-four minutes but you will go a long way to spend your time doing anything better than listening to this record.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Built In Girls

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