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The Bluebells Sisters

Considering their relatively short career and discography The Bluebells have survived well in the minds of the UK music world.

This is mainly due to Young at Heart which was a number one many years after they split up due to being used in an advert and I can confirm it is played at some point at nearly every Scottish wedding.

However, Sisters is so much more than Young at Heart and after listening you wish they had lasted long enough to record a second album.

The album opens with remixed early single Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool, and this sets the tone for intelligent, infectious catchy pop perfectly proved by the single I’m Falling.

Will She Always Be Waiting reminds me of contemporaries Aztec Camera, no bad thing.

Cath is one of those songs that you either find incredibly annoying or love, its my sisters name so I fall into the latter category.

There is a harder edge to the band on Red Guitars and Syracuse University, Red Guitars has a great riff through it, and I love the “bah bah bah” backing vocals.

Learn to Love is big and upbeat and South Atlantic Way is a comment on the Falklands war and the band end the album with the acoustic, folky cover of The Patriot Game.

If you only know The Bluebells from Young at Heart, give this album a go.



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