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96) Renegade Soundwave Soundclash

I was worried about this one as I am not really a dance music hip hop person, I will have a listen but never really get it. First listen and I was struggling with this.

However, I always do the three listens test and whilst I have to say I find the vocals/rap not the most engaging there is plenty to enjoy and discover.

Blue Eyed Boy starts us well, reminds me of Space Invaders, sorry I’m old, before all the beats, basslines and, what I usually enjoy, an excellent chorus.

On TV I find trance like and a bit of dubby but keeps me interested. Probably a Robbery was their hit and is swagger and attitude that sways and for some reason makes you smile and Biting My Nails has an instant hook and annoyed me as I could not work out the sample, a quick look and of course it’s the fantastic Knock on Wood, once its lodged in your head you cannot get it out.

Space Gladiator is in your face and their cover of Can’t Get Used to Losing You has an interesting background going on.

Multiple samples are throughout this record that make you think I know that I’ve left all the tracks on my phone and as good old shuffle comes along, I am sure more and more will become clearer to me.

Sometimes its good to try something new.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Biting My Nails

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1 Comment

Karen Brierley
Karen Brierley
Jun 30, 2023

Well, after reading your review of this album, I'll be honest with you & I think that I will swerve this one 😉

Your reviews are usually spot on & if I haven't heard the album, I'll usually try it out, but this one is screaming "NO" to me.

I'm not a fan of Hip Hop anyway & all the "samples" would drive me mad!

So, thank you for another great review.

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