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89) Hazel O'Connor Breaking Glass

I’m nine and my father is ill, unknown to me terminally ill, and he sadly died in 1980. I suddenly had to grow up as my mum was a young widow and my sister only three. My mum bought Lena Martell One Day at a Time and it obviously helped her and that’s what music does. Note to self, never judge why people listen to a certain song.

Sorry, not a cheerful start but basically being nine and all that going on I have never heard Breaking Glass.

I’m aware of the fact that this album was the soundtrack to a film that again I have never seen but was also a rare thing, a successful music film.

O’Connor wrote all twelve tracks, and her voice is an acquired taste, not a classic voice but the kind I like a bit shouty with passion, I may be wrong or be way off but reminds me a bit of Toyah.

The album opens strongly with Writing on the Wall slowly building up and Monsters in Disguise has a keyboard that has dated but both have strong choruses. Come into the Air is less frantic and more atmospheric.

I recognised Will You? and Eighth Day and so I should as they were top ten singles. Really enjoyed Eighth Day its dramatic and a bit theatrical but that will do me.

A bit too much saxophone for me on some of the songs it does not add to Top of the Wheel and Blackman is poor full stop.

Give Me an Inch is full on, and Hazel is Lena Lovitch on this one. Maybe the acting was not just in the film.

1980 is a year I do not look back fondly on, but I will listen to this album again as I enjoyed several songs.



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