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87) The Mission God's Own Medicine

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. I am not talking about my average reviews, maybe I should, I am talking about Wayne Hussey.

He was in Dead or Alive, not when they were number one, he left to join Sisters of Mercy but only made one album, not the Floodland mega hit one he was already gone by then.

Lesser men may have given up at this point, I would have, but Hussey formed The Mission and thirty-seven years later they are still selling out venues across the world and have released eleven albums.

This was their debut making the Top 20 and they were soon seen as one of the figureheads of the UK Goth movement.

Debut single Serpent’s Kiss was not included for some reason, a mistake as it would have made the album a lot stronger and the album starts with Hussey speaking about God, its bloody awful but the band then crash in and the opener Wasteland has a good chorus and was a hit single. The other singles Stay With Me, Severina & Garden of Delight were also hits and Hussey had finally found his winning formula, single wise.

Some of the songs Bridges Burning, Sacrilege and Lover Me To Death are average and laboured but Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Dance on Glass up the ante and the band built on the success of this album with several years of constant success.

It’s worth a listen but better was to come.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Wasteland (ignore the spoken word part)

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