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83) House of All

Four bands that I love more than any other and I always hope for more. The Clash & The Fall I accept there is a no more with Strummer and Smith sadly no longer here. The Smiths, Morrissey and Marr I assume will never be in the same room and That Petrol Emotion I have high hopes for the second Everlasting Yeah album.

News arrived that five members of The Fall, Bramah, the Hanley’s, Wolstencroft and Greenway had made an album together, okay its not The Fall but expectations were high.

The postman delivers and I explain to my partner. The response of “Oh God I hate The Fall” made me smile.

Recorded in three days, must be crap, don’t be ridiculous its beyond my expectations, let these men sell thousands, they deserve it.

Still not convinced? Never liked The Fall? Go straight to Magic Sound. When I first got into music, I wanted a tune that sticks in my head, with a great riff and a catchy lyric, Bay City Pistols (genius). Consider it done.

Eight tracks, there should not be one that you will not love. We open with Ayenbite, and we are back to the twin drums, oh joy, But Wilful I am follows and you are starting to think they cannot continue this level of excellence and then Dominus Ruinea arrives with its magical backing vocals.

There’s More is thumping drums, guitar to die for and a perfect end to the album with Turning of the Years.

Stephen Hanley is officially the God of bass.

Mark was never the one for praise but wherever he is he should be proud of these five men.



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