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80) The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace

No shock here I like Mark E Smith, some of the things he did made me laugh. He made, to my ears, some brilliant music but you hear stories and he sounds a total arse.

So, the line up has been stable. The band’s gear is stolen and Mark obviously blames them. He kicks off.

The Hanley’s quit, Steve persuaded back but Paul has gone. Nice one Mark.

Mansion opens the album, an instrumental, The Fall without Smith is bizarre but it’s a nice start. Bombast proves how right Smith was to get Steve Hanley back. It’s a trash along with Smith shouting over the top. If you love The Fall this is golden.

What You Need is another high point with great backing vocals and Spoilt Victorian Child is direct and to the point.

LA if you know The Fall then you know its magical, if you still don’t get The Fall this may be a way in.

There are a lot of Fall songs and Smith’s lyrics people struggle with. Let me explain the song My New House, it’s about Mark and Brix’s new house. I know it’s this in depth analysis people come back for. Sorry, also an enjoyable song.

Paintwork is laid back, both the band and Mark’s singing before the musicians have a brief thrash around every so often, honestly it’s simply genius and there is an acoustic guitar in there as well. Not many use the word beautiful when talking about The Fall but Paintwork is.

I Am Damo Suzuki is a battering drum fest and To Nik Roachment:Yarbles is back to Mansion with lyrics.

Some bands strive to make a masterpiece and never achieve this. Welcome to The Fall’s second one.



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