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8) Pixies Doolittle

It all starts with Peel. Whenever I decide to stop doing this, if at thirty or three hundred reviews he will be mentioned the most.

There was not much to do in 1989, the money I had was needed for the pub and the odd album treat to myself.

Peel became essential listening with blank tapes to quickly press record if there was a song I liked. Going out I would leave a tape in and listen to the ninety minutes the next night, eighty-five minutes may be rubbish and then a gem would appear, hello to The Pixies Wave of Mutilation.

Wow, what a song, I had heard of them with Gigantic the previous year but nothing else.

I bought Doolitle when it came out. First impression was that Francis liked to veer between quiet singing to screaming, no terrible thing, it worked especially well on Tame.

Debaser is a fantastic way to open any record, bass, then guitar and drums and then manic singing/shouting with Kim Deal’s excellent backing vocals.

Here Comes Your Man could be The Cramps with the surf guitar and Monkey Gone to Heaven is a fantastic title and song. Mr Grieves rocks out shifting styles over two minutes. Gouge Away is a brutal and exhilarating way to end a record.

They had found their style; I was glad to be along for the ride.



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