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78) Jellyfish - Bellybutton

I have a younger sister and as regular readers will know I was an arse in my teenage years (partner may say all my years but let’s move on). I always slated whatever record she came home with. To be fair she did bring home a Thompson Twins album, so I have some justification. Thankfully, no one needs to know that my first single was Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up as that would be really embarrassing.

The album she brought home had guys dressed as the Mad Hatter on the front and a quick look at the sleeve notes tells me that the drummer is the lead singer. I have heard Phil Collins records. To be clear I have never heard a note of this album but instantly tell her its rubbish.

She goes out so I nick it to listen to as how dare she have bought something I do not know.

Its an album full of melody, reminds me a bit of The Beatles, they are obviously an influence. The drummer can sing the band can play, its ten catchy songs.

It was not entirely to my taste back then, but it had something, it was not as bad as I had ignorantly slated.

Thirty years on I listened back and enjoyed it a lot more. Opener The Man I Used to Be has a great organ intro and a simple guitar lick and highlights that although he is playing the drums, lead singer Andy Stormers, really can sing.

This is a band who know how to harmonise, listen to That Is Why? to hear them at their best.

The King Is Half Undressed, I Wanna Stay Home and Calling Sarah are perfect pop and Bedspring Kiss is thoughtful and beautifully played. They also took McFly to number one with Baby’s Coming Back.

An accomplished band that never quite made the big time.

Nice one wee sis.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Bedspring Kiss

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dunkie Working To Design
dunkie Working To Design
27 de abr. de 2023

Jellyfish - Bellybutton... thank you firstly for reviewing this album and sharing it wider. The album, for me, was a masterpiece on initial release and is a masterpiece some 30 years on.

Their songwriting, their harmonies, their nuances in production.. You're right, catchy as hell melodies. Plus this wasn't any normal singing drummer, this drummer stood up, front and centre on stage, and played the drums and sang.

I know Paul McCartney and The Wings were influences for them, so too were Queen and they can be heard very much in Bellybutton.

Their follow up, and final studio album, Spilt Milk, is also a glorious album. For some it's better, for me it's close... But Bellybutton for me has to…

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