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76) Benji Hughes - A Love Extreme

Some requests I have heard of the artist but never heard a note of their music but Benji Hughes is an artist I had never heard of full stop.

Hughes is a bearded multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina who for his debut album A Love Extreme decided to release a twenty five track double album, no half measures here.

Is it any good? Several of the instrumentals don’t do anything for me and a few of the tracks I find a bit bland but that I suppose is to be expected over this many tracks.

Tight Tee Shirt reminds me of prime Beck all funk over a beat before the band thrash out in the middle of the song. You Stood Me Up he sings the chorus beautifully before hitting rough dirty sparse verses, excellent.

Several of the songs remind me of Eels especially Neighbour Down the Hall and Why Do These Parties End the Same Way, to me this is no bad thing as I love that band.

Even If has a piano running through the background as Hughes croons over the top and The Mummy is a straight pop song that sounds like a work in progress demo but the chorus is fully formed.

I Went with Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips is the highlight for me a story and a song all together in just two minutes.

Baby, It’s Your Life! ends the album on a high. It took me a few listens to get into this I cannot deny it but overall an interesting listening experience.


GIVE IT A STREAM: I Went with Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips

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