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73) The Damned Damned, Damned, Damned

It’s 1982 and Happy Talk by Captain Sensible is number one, I am eleven and I am thinking this is rubbish, a novelty. He will not be heard of again! I got into The Damned in 1985 with Phantasmagoria with Roman Jugg on guitar and the late Bryn Merrick on bass. I decided to buy their earlier albums. What Captain Sensible was their original bass player? He returned in 1996 and is still in the band as lead guitarist, shows what I know and apologies to people currently shaking their heads thinking what an ignoramus, I was young. The Damned are famous for releasing the first punk single, New Rose to secure their place in history. What we know is their second one, Neat Neat Neat was just as good. Both are brilliant and vital moments in punk and still make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Punk was all about you do not need to play, anyone can do it. Maybe not, one thing the three main bands had were excellent guitarists and drummers. Jones and Cook in the Pistols, Jones and Headon in The Clash and Brian James and Rat Scabies drive this album with their excellent musicianship. Scabies must have been the fittest man in London the speed he plays at. Twelve tracks in just over thirty minutes is impressive each one is thrash about punk with great choruses, Born to Kill and Stab Your Back great titles and tunes and nothing wrong with ending with a Stooges song. Feel the Pain less thrashy is my favourite, Vanian speaking the verses and singing the chorus, already a great front man. A fun but important album. 8.5/10 GIVE IT A STREAM: Feel the Pain

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John Medd
John Medd
Apr 09, 2023

A splendid album. I saw them this week...

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