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60) The Fall Perverted By Language

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Marc Riley gone and long-term manager Kay Carroll away as well, but the big news was that they had a new guitarist. An American Laura Salenger who had met Mark in April and was his wife by the July. Brix Smith had arrived.

Can you imagine if any of the other band members had wanted their wife in the band, he would have gone ballistic, think we all know he is contrary by now.

Eat Y’self Fitter is a great start to this album, or any album, Mark shouting over the band with excellent bizarre backing vocals but second track Neighbourhood of Infinity never really gets going.

Garden has scratchy guitars and a great beat, Smith talks through the song really, but it all comes together beautifully over eight minutes, Surprise surprise but the repetition throughout this song certainly makes it.

Hotel Bloedel introduces us to Brix, not for me but we all must start somewhere and there was better to come.

Smile we have the lovely double drums with Mark performing his vocal hysterics, magical and makes you anticipate the dual drummers of Hanley and Wolstencroft on the forthcoming House of All album.

I Feel Voxish has a greasy guitar riff low in the mix that keeps on reappearing, a nice chugging along song and Tempo House again let us all enjoy Steve Hanley’s bass again. Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot is beautifully paced and brings the album to an end.

A more than ok album, lifted by the mighty Smile but they were missing Riley and you can only assume the rest of the band must have had a feeling of trepidation with Mr and Mrs Smith.



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