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66) My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything

I have an inability to fully relax in the house. I can very rarely watch a film in one sitting and am quite often told to sit on my arse. I guess I am quite annoying to live with, I asked, seemingly I am.

The point of this is I do not think I could be a member of My Bloody Valentine. In thirty years they have released three albums that amount to thirty two songs, Sandinista by The Clash had thirty six tracks. Maybe I am doing them a disservice and they never stop recording but they would have sacked me as I would want to finish something and move on.

You know what’s more annoying when they do release something its bloody great. Feedback, swirling guitars, brutal drums, drummer Colm O Ciosoig what a performance but it’s not a noise, the melodies are there below the surface driving the songs along and main man Kevin Shields and guitarist Bilinda Butcher’s vocal fit together and are dreamy, seductive and assertive all in equal measures.

Soft as Snow at first listen sounds like a demo, second time in you hear the joy of Debbie George’s bass and by third listen it’s a revelation of a song.

Cupid Come chugs along before stomping to the finish line, No More Sorry allows us to breath and All I Need makes you understand why they are responsible for shoegaze.

Several Girls Galore is beautifully sung by Butcher as the band thrash and distort behind here. Nothing Much to Lose rocks out the final minute just a mosh of noise.

Exhilarating, and we can all be thankful I was never in My Bloody Valentine.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)

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