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63) The Alarm Declaration

We are back watching Top of the Pops and a band are on who are going to need plenty of hits. There is no way they will be able to continue to afford that much hairspray without loads of cash, no one would be allowed to light up near them.

They were on playing what was to be their biggest hit, Sixty-Eight Guns. It certainly had something, to be honest when I hear it now it takes me back, the mark of a good song.

Declaration contained twelve tracks and five of them were released as singles. This is an album of anthems and from the off Marching On and Where Were You Hiding, both also singles, are equally as big on guitars and choruses. Mike Peters has thought a brave battle for many years with illness and from this first record you can hear the passion this man has for his music that still burns brightly.

Bassist Eddie McDonald co-wrote many of these songs and takes the lead vocal on Third Light, whilst not as strong as others it has its charm.

The traditional side two contains the equally as enjoyable Blaze of Glory, The Deceiver (a great song, this band understand choruses) and the album ends on a high note with Howling Wind.

A solid band that delivered an enjoyable debut that I am not sure they bettered but I am only a casual fan and sure many who attend The Alarm’s Gatherings may disagree.


GIVE IT A STREAM: The Deceiver

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