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57) Simple Minds New Gold Dream

Simple Minds hit the big time in 1985 with Don’t You Forget About Me. They had been slowly building up momentum but this took them into the stadiums.

In Scotland, I feel this was where we fell out of love with them before their resurgence in recent times.

We love an underdog who fights through and triumphs, Simple Minds did that but then when they reached the top, they released some bland albums. It may have been a number one but in my opinion Belfast Child was bloody awful.

However, before all of that they released this, their fifth album. Stay with me here, I know it’s a stretch, they were the 80’s Radiohead, mixing commercial and critical success and developing over each album.

Even a slight awareness of Simple Minds you will know the singles Promised You a Miracle and Glittering Prize, this launched the band into the singles charts and ensured the album made the top ten. Both singles can be considered classics.

The rest of the album is just as good as Mick McNeill’s keyboards blend perfectly with Charlie Burchill’s guitar parts, the opener Someone, Somewhere in Summertime leads us in perfectly.

Special mention to Derek Forbes on bass on Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel and throughout the album. Jim Kerr was now a top front man; I have no idea what he is on about half the time but on the title track he delivers a commanding vocal performance.

Hunter and the Hunted it all comes together (even Herbie Hancock joins in) as the band settle into a groove and Kerr sings “They were young, they were brave.”

They certainly were.


GIVE IT A STREAM: New Gold Dream

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