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54) Richard Hawley Lowedges

I knew Richard Hawley had played with Pulp before becoming a solo artist but I recently listened to him on a podcast and found out he was in Longpigs, check out their single She Said if you have never heard it, a great slice of pop. He also claimed he had played on loads of sessions and appeared on many a hit single.

What came across in the interview was that he seemed a genuinely decent bloke grateful to be doing what he is doing and down to earth.

Lowedges is his second full album, he released a self-titled debut mini album and a debut album Late Night Final which established where he was going.

I hate spirits but always feel I should be sitting in the dark, late at night nursing a single malt listening to Richard. The fact that I could not bring myself to take a sip of whiskey but keep coming back to his albums shows how good they are.

His guitar playing is exquisite throughout with licks, pedal and slide all making an appearance and his voice is warm and melancholy at the same time.

Notice I have not mentioned one single song so far, there is a reason for that they are all mid-tempo each one as good as the other but I feel I must mention the crashing drums that open Run For Me and The Only Road and The Motorcycle Song that stayed with me with their hooks and Richard’s musicianship.

Settle down, with a choice of any beverage and let Richard Hawley wash over you.



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John Medd
John Medd

Let's ballad, as the man himself says before he starts his shows. I love RH but I would strongly advise you not to listen to his albums in the car. There's laid back, and there's laid back. Let his music wash over you - couldn't agree more.




Loved the Longpigs, a great album I still listen to.

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