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46) Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music are a five piece from Australia who whilst well respected in their home country have not troubled the UK charts.

This is not a new band; they have been around since 2008 and have released seven albums and this self-titled album was their sixth.

The album opens with an organ and then a funky Happy Mondays drum loop before the guitar kicks in and the band launch into Spark Up! Its catchy as hell and a good start to the record.

Head Like A Sieve reminds me of indiepop, for people not a fan of that genre this is in a good way and Nothing Ever Goes My Way slows the pace slightly but hits the chorus and rocks out with the band thrashing it out behind lead singer Sam Cromack. I Feel Nothing has a wonderful swirling organ sound towards the end that elevates the song.

The single Cherub is okay but for me does not get going until four minutes in when the band step up a level, its just okay and not up to the quality of the opening tracks.

Bad Taste Blues Pt III is all harmonies and Beach Boys vibes, not my favourite kind of music but excellently executed just not to my taste.

Obit 2020 has one of those great driving drumbeats throughout the song and I’m taken back to the Dandy Warhols.

The album ends with Day & Age and Turning Zero both laid back and beautifully crafted.

I enjoyed the faster paced tacks so the traditional side one works for me, but this is a band that need recognised more in the UK and I for one am glad to have heard it.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Nothing Ever Goes My Way

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