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37) Elvis Costello and the Attractions Blood & Chocolate

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

So, we are back with John Peel and Janice Long. They were both essential listening back in the day, last Christmas was certainly a wee bit sadder hearing that Janice had passed, she seemed full of life and certainly loved music. Wherever we go I hope Janice is laughing with Peel listening to songs.

One of them would have played Elvis Costello’s new single, I Want You. Obviously, I knew of Costello, he was a genuine pop star with Oliver’s Army. I cannot say he had ever caught my imagination, just the odd tune.

I Want You was nearly seven minutes of just Elvis with his guitar, before the Attractions come in, it was brilliant. Then someone played the previous single Tokyo Storm Warning, that was just a noise with Elvis manic on top, just the way I like it, so it was time to buy my first Elvis & the Attractions album, Blood & Chocolate.

Guitar thrashes, drums kick in and Elvis shouts the opener Uncomplicated, rough, ready, and magnificent, from there I Hope You’re Happy Now takes it up a notch with fantastic organ from Steve Nieve.

There is not a dud on this album, I played it to my mate, the usual did he want a copy, no he had to own it.

Home is Anywhere You Hang Your Head, Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind? and Blue Chair are thrilling, and Costello and the band seem on fire throughout. Even more impressive was this was their second release of the year after King of America but drove the band to breaking point.

I’ve listened to most of his albums since then, he has never beaten this.



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Darren Stallard
Darren Stallard

You mentioned Peel and long there..I actually remember the Festive 50 that year and a really funny moment. He said something like, "there are 3 songs in this years Festive 50 I've never played before. This is the second of them. A bit more Janice than me I think". Then he played I Want You. When it ended there was like 5 seconds of silence, a deep breath, then, "well, I can't have listened to that properly before". Incredible to actually hear him blown away live on air.

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