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36) Voice of the Beehive Let It Bee

Tracey from California was working with guitarist Mike Jones and phoned her sister Melisa to fly over to the UK. Madness had split up in 1986 and four of the band formed The Madness (must have spent hours thinking of that name). The rhythm section joined the sisters; bassist Bedders soon bailed and Martin Brett replaced him but drummer Woody was in for the long haul and Voice of the Beehive were up and running.

They were soon known for energetic live performances and built-up a following before releasing their debut single Just A City, it did not chart but was included on the album.

They were soon on TOTP’s performing I Say Nothing and Don’t Call Me Baby, both are energetic, catchy with great choruses. Melodic guitars and the sister’s vocals fitted together beautifully. Both still sound fresh.

My recollection is that Let It Bee was released to positive reviews, it has a classic cover, still looks great to this day and is just an enjoyable pop album.

The opener Beat of Love storms in with chopping guitars and Woody’s solid drumming with spoken word verse and the sisters delivering the chorus, it’s a cracking upbeat start.

Sorrow Floats takes us down a notch with a more thoughtful number and Man in the Moon is similar, both are more ballad like, but no worse for that.

I Walk the Earth should have also been top forty but joins the legions of songs where the British public made the wrong choice and we all want to hear a song called There’s a Barbarian in the Back of My Car (co-written by Zodiac Mindwarp, remember him?)

Fancy an enjoyable forty minutes that will just make you smile, Here you go.


GIVE IT A STREAM: I Walk the Earth

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