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32) A House I Am the Greatest

Emerging from Dublin A House released five albums that sadly never dented the UK album charts yet are fondly remembered. Not every great band sells millions, but it would just be nice compared to some of the terrible ones that do. Jedward are from Dublin as well, just saying.

I Am the Greatest was preceded by their best known single Endless Art, not many singles reference Beethoven, Elvis, Shakespeare, Sid Vicious and Ian Curtis in one song but they manage it. It should have been a hit, but their record company could not press enough, who knows what would have happened to them if this had made the Top 40.

If you think I may just give that song a listen, then I implore you to give the opener I Don’t Care a go. Acoustic guitar for ten seconds then the band kick in with a cracking snarling song delivered perfectly by Dave Couse

This album rightly always scores high with Irish music press and with songs like Blind Faith, Slipping Away, I Lied and Live Life Dead Died you can see why.

Finally, the title track has three of the original members of the band taking it in turns to talk over the track, one of the lyrics is:

I could have sold a lot of records. I could have enjoyed it as well. I could have been a lot of things. One thing I know I am and will always be. I am the greatest.”

Who can argue with that?



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