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30) The Fall Slates

So, the site is meant to be about albums and many Fall fans debate whether this is The Fall’s fourth album.

It was originally released on 10-inch vinyl and was six tracks long at twenty-three minutes. Typically, awkward this made it to long for the singles chart and too short for the albums.

The band, unbelievably, is the same as Grotesque and they are a tight unit, the production is crystal clear, and Smith is on fine form ranting over the top. It’s known that Smith liked to hire and fire people, but this could be an argument that a stable line up brought out the best in Smith.

Leave The Capital is the standout track with the kazoo reappearing and a nice chugging guitar but all six have their merits.

Middle Mass had Marc Riley convinced it was a dig at him by Smith, whereas Smith claimed it was about football, it was the beginning of the end for Riley with his and Smith’s relationship deteriorating. It’s a good song and An Older Lover Etc is one of those repetitive Fall songs that lodges in your head. Prole Art Threat thunders along and Fit and Working Again is a lightweight riff before Slag, Slates Etc arrives with Smith ranting then a bit of feedback and a glorious riff and groove.

It’s in because it’s good, simple as.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Leave The Capital

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