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28) Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy

School, 1985 and I asked a guy in my class how was the Mary Chain last night his response of brilliant and they were only on for twenty odd minutes appalled me, twenty minutes. I was clearly a right mean kid at fifteen and wanted my monies worth, now I obviously wish I were there.

The Mary Chain emerged with feedback, Bobby Gillespie standing behind his drums, the Reid brothers would not speak to the audience hated everyone and everything, I had missed punk, they were great.

Over the years I stopped listening to their albums and occasionally I would hear one of their singles and it would remind me what a great band they were, but they did slowly peter out and although they reformed in 2007, we have only had one album since they returned.

I approached Psychocandy with trepidation, would it be as good as I remembered. Why had I not listened to this album in so long, it’s still excellent and it was great to go back to memories of lying in my bedroom all those years ago thinking I was so cool listening to these bands whilst attending town hall discos where all the girls were dancing to Wham, side note I was never cool and would have loved to have danced to Wham with the girls.

Just Like Honey, In A Hole, Never Understand and You Trip Me Up you will have heard them, know them and you will remember them. However, Taste the Floor, Cut Dead and Inside Me are their equal.

Sometimes it’s good to return to your past.



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