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23) Everlasting Yeah Anima Rising

Review number nine of That Petrol Emotion Manic Pop Thrill had me gushing over the excellence of band who, in my opinion, were one of the greatest and underrated bands ever.

After their last album in 1993 The O’Neill’s resumed with The Undertones and I assumed that was that. Then in 2014 four fifths of the band returned.

It’s the only album I have ever bought on Pledge, thank God I did. It’s not available on Apple or Spotify, watch them on YouTube then hunt it down from wherever you can, just pay fortunes. Forget the disgrace that is the Tories, this is worth defaulting the mortgage for, you will not regret for a second. I’m clearly joking but trust me it really is that good.

Seven tracks, no filers and no album has given me greater pleasure in the last ten years.

Any album that starts with a song called A Little Bit of Uh-huh & Whole Lotta Oh Yeah is worth a listen and if you do not finish this album and think that Ciaran McLaughlin is still the most underrated drummer ever then I despair, this was mentioned before I know, but listen to the man,

I cannot dance, have zero rhythm, but even my feet twitch to Taking That Damn Train Again.

The Petrol’s were known for their grooves, this band have that in spades, but be prepared for the beauty and melody of Everything’s Beautiful.

The final track The Grind is over twelve minutes long, it does not overstay it’s welcome, top musicianship. Just buy this album.


GIVE IT A STREAM: You sadly cannot but once the whole album is purchased play The Grind

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