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203) The The - Dusk

God’s sake he had kept us waiting four years for this one he surely wouldn’t go that long again, would he?


The same line up from Mind Bomb were still with us so a certain Johnny Marr is present for one last hurrah.


Not as immediate as Soul Mining and Infected and I remember being disappointed when I first listened. However, repeated listens to this record slowly reeled me in.


If you have never heard this record, can I recommend you go straight to Slow Emotion Replay and Love Is Stronger Than Death. Marr’s harmonica welcomes us into The former and the line “but I don’t even know what’s going on in myself” maybe should have warned us that this was a man beginning to retreat, gorgeous song though. Love is Stronger is a stunning song and highlights Johnson’s vocals, not always acknowledged but incredibly strong on a beautiful acoustic led track, when he kicks off on the “here comes the blue skies” line it’s a shiver down the back moment.


Maybe collaborating with the same musicians for a second record meant he focussed more on this as this is a real group and not Johnson bringing musicians in, bolds well for the new record where the same musicians who recently toured on the comeback shows are present.


Dogs of Lust was the leadoff single very riff heavy, bluesy and was a solid introduction.


Helpline Operator Marr provides some sterling work on guitar and the occasional trumpet enhances a moody absorbing track and Sodium Light Baby is its equal.


Lonely Planet ends a magnificent record where Matt seems to accept where he is and what we are.


What he is, is a real talent that has been missed and we are lucky to listen to records like this one.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Love is Stronger Than Death

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