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202) Morrissey - Your Arsenal

It’s no secret that Morrissey had struggled to fit in throughout his life until a certain Johnny Marr knocked on his door. The Smiths became one of the UK’s most celebrated bands and when they fell apart, he stormed to number one with his debut solo album  Musically he could do no wrong and then he released Kill Uncle and faced his first backlash as Frankly Mr Shankly it was poor.


To be fair he was back fifteen months later with this, his third solo album Your Arsenal.


Johnny Marr will always be known as his songwriting partner but for this album step forward guitarist Alain Whyte who has written more songs with him than Marr. Boz Boorer also came on board as they helped move Morrissey to a harder, rockabilly and glam sound (I’m sure producer Mick Ronson may have helped with that as well).


You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side storms away for thirty seconds before Moz steps in and doesn’t let up  throughout and we continue to romp along with Glamorous Glue (one of five singles from a ten-track album!)


The National Front Disco is a good rock track and builds towards the chorus, but he did himself no favours wrapping himself in a Union Jack at the Madstock concert but as the years have shown, he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.


Certain People I Know is rockabilly all the way but is catchy and has a certain charm to it and we Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful is worth it alone for the “ha ha ha” refrain.


Bowie covered I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday as he felt it was like Rock N Roll Suicide, no surprise Morrissey eventually fell out with him, and we have a nod to his indie past with Tomorrow.


His best solo album? Maybe.




GIVE IT A STREAM: You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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