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196) Electronic

We usually despair of supergroups. The Smile have bucked the trend and years earlier Electronic certainly tried.


Johnny Marr had moved around since The Smiths and as well as session work was a member of The The. Bernard Sumner was considering a solo project away from New Order but had decided to bring in Marr.


The Smiths, New Order, The The pretty impressive but why not bring in the Pet Shop Boys just to add to the mix.  Getting Away With It was the debut single and Barney and Neil’s vocals are perfect as we are swept away on a lush piano and a lovely solo from Marr. Ridiculously this was not on the debut when released, a mistake that they rectified.


Idiot Country opens the album and Marr has decided to hit the effects pedal and we have a wah-wah sound from the guitar, musically magic but the chorus doesn’t quite gel for me.


You can tell this is from the early 90’s, as Reality is dated, and I find the drum pattern throughout Gangster annoying.


Tighten Up pounds along, nice effects from Marr and Barney (I know his voice divides people) excels on the chorus. Patience of a Saint Sumner and Tennent share the vocals and with lines like “I’d rather watch drying paint,” this shows  superior writing.


Soviet does exactly what it says on the tin a dramatic instrumental and a pleasant interlude. Get the Message and Marr straps on his guitar, he was keen to move on from The Smiths, but the opening is pitch perfect and Sumner rises to the challenge, special mention to the late great Denise Johnson who comes in at the end to elevate the song further. A song that reminds me of great times.


 Some Distant Memory has a nice acoustic moment from Marr and the musical ending is powerful and then the album ends on a high with Feel Every Beat with Marr and Sumner showing they have been listening to Happy Mondays, Bernard is no rapper, but it works.


I always thought Electronic never quite got there considering the talents involved but to be fair what we have here is an enjoyable record.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Get the Message

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