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193) The Prisoners - The Last Fourfathers

Next review and it’s The Prisoners. Who are The Prisoners?


Usual read of the internet and there we go James Taylor from The James Taylor Quartet was a member of the band, so we are off and running as I have an in.


Over a six-year career they released four albums before splitting in 1986, no wonder I’ve not heard of them I was fifteen spouting my nonsense. They still get together for the odd gig. I like a band that still get along.


The Last Fourfathers was released in 1985 but if someone told you to just listen the record you would ask when in the 1960’s it was released.


Of all the records I have reviewed this one starts the worst with someone being sick. Not sure of the point of it or the crass voice at the end of Whenever I’m Gone and the crying in Explosions On Uranus, lets put it down to the exuberance of youth.


Of the twelve songs four are instrumentals the best one being Night of the Nazgul with Mr Taylor all over it with his organ which, sorry, sounds like a joke from Viz. I’m not really a fan of instrumentals but Nazgal really works.


After the shock of the sick the band launch into the garage swagger of Nobody Wants Your Love which has the band showing their chops a great opening track.


Thinking of you starts like a Doors number all slow and keyboards before hitting its stride in the chorus and then back down we go, very enjoyable.


I Am The Fisherman reminds me of early Jam, no it doesn’t it's more of a Small Faces vibe.


I wonder if Clint Boon is a fan as Take You For a Ride is cruder Inspirals and The Drowning has more depth than some of the other songs and lead vocalist Graham Day voice fits perfectly to the wig out fest that is Whenever I’m Gone, ending apart.


The album ends with I Drink the Ocean with good backing harmonies from the band.


I can’t help feeling that this is a band to see live where Mr Taylor can dominate, and I would hope the “skits” do not appear. As a nod back to the 60’s well worth your time.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Thinking of You

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