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192) Go-Go's - Beauty and the Beat

I like(d) weird stuff and as we know was quite quick to slate anything because I was an arrogant arse. However, the odd pop song would storm the charts and I would think yep that’s pretty good. Even now I still think Heaven is a Place on Earth is a good pop song, did it help that Belinda Carlisle was stunning on Top of the Pops, probably yes.


Belinda continued storming the Top Ten and some smartarse (my middle name) said in the pub I preferred her when she toured with The Specials and Madness fronting the Go-Go’s. I nodded and agreed laughing that others did not know she used to be in a band. One slight problem. Who the hell were The Go-Go’s?


Ah right the first ever female band to play and write all their own songs and get to number one in America, so not that well known then?


Released in 1981 Beauty and Beat contains eleven original songs and there are two singles that I would say are classics. Our Lips Are Sealed (co-written with the magnificent Terry Hall & Go-Go Jane Wiedlin) we all know from the Fun Boy Three hit here in the UK but the Go-Go’s released it first and it’s just as good and then we have We Got the Beat, again huge in the USA but still sounding as fresh as when it was released, drummer Gina Schock showing she knew her way round a beat.


How Much More the intro reminds me of Elvis Marie’s the Name but is a good pop song that does not let up. Lust to Love has everything you want in a song a guitar riff that hooks you from the start, Carlisle dominating and then the band coming in before we hit a chorus that explodes before the band show restraint and build us back up.


This Town has a twangy riff throughout, and the harmonies enhance. Automatic shows their new wave credentials and Can’t Stop the World is a catchy end to an infectious record.


This is not Carlisle and her backing band, each woman brings an element to this album, Carlisle a great lead singer, Schlock and bassist Kathy Valentine keeping the beat and guitarists Weidlin and Charlotte Coffey contributing most to the songwriting.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Our Lips Are Sealed

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