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184) Lush - Lovelife

Music biographies can be bland and not really tell you much more than you already know. Step forward Miki Berenyi with her autobiography Fingers Crossed. It’s a brutally honest account of her childhood and of the bands rise and fall where she is also brutally honest about her own failings and is not afraid to say it like it is. If you have a passing interest in music, you should read this book.


Berenyi’s subtitled her book “How Music Saved Me From Success”  which I would disagree with. Lush released three albums, and a mini album, throughout their career with two making the top ten and one making the top twenty. Rather good I would say.


Lovelife was their final album and there is a shift to a more indie sound from the floatier sound of their first two albums. I must declare I am a huge fan of the band and Berenyi and Emma Anderson share the songs writing credits with six each.


The album opens with Ladykillers one of the three singles on the record and its upbeat from the start with the band not letting up for the whole song, rightly a hit as is Anderson’s 500 with the magical line “Shake, Baby, Shake,” I accept it doesn’t sound magical but it’s a perfect crafted pop song.


I’ve Been Here Before and Miki’s vocals are a bit harder edged as strings and brass are added to the mix, it’s quite simply lush, sorry.


Single Girl was another hit, seemingly the band thought it was nothing more than a B-side, maybe uncomfortable in the spotlight but it’s a good bit of indie pop.


Ciao for me is one of the best duets around with Miki and Jarvis Cocker each trading insults on a failed relationship, neither hold back.


Tralala is a nice contrast, slow, with shimmering guitar and shows with Last Night they had not completely left their past behind.


Runaway and The Childcatcher we are back on guitars and drums, melodic and focused and Olympia takes us out on a reflective melodic tune.


Lush were to end with the tragic suicide of drummer Chris Acland and were never genuinely appreciated. Berenyi and Anderson sadly no longer speak but are out there still making music, Anderson’s debut is excellent, and Berenyi will have new music with us shortly.


Buy Berenyi’s book, buy Anderson’s solo album and please give this record a go.




GIVE IT A STREAM: I’ve Been Here Before

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