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176) House Of All - Continuum

Remember a year ago we had the debut album from House Of All. If you don’t then give it a go as it was the album of 2023.


They have returned a year later with their second album Continuum. Remember this is five men who at various times served in The Fall so they know about work ethic and these songs were recorded the same time as the debut. In between Martin Bramah has released another album with Blue Orchids and Pete Greenway has suffered long covid but his excellent band Imperial Wax have also released their second album, Tranquilliser.


If you are not a fan of The Fall, then do not let that put you off as this a band that can stand alone, and these men have been making music for many a year but are certainly not trading on past glories.


What we have here are ten tracks and not one is filler.


The twin drums and guitar are in great effect from the opener For This Be Glory and Bramah dominates with a strong vocal. There’s a groove to Murmuration, slow and tense.


Gaudy Pop Scramble maybe the song title of the year and as the band spell it out Greenway riffs away. You could class it as throwaway but it’s magical and that in there lies its genius.


Cuckoo in the Nest is a slice of a catchy heavy hitting groove fest(Funky Si and Paul Hanley working in perfect harmony) and I love Bramah’s near whisper vocal.


Greenway’s guitar playing is exceptional on Under a Crooked Sky, get well soon Pete. Aim Higher, in an album of highlights, would have been the huge hit if this were the 70’s or 80’s. All five up their game, is that possible? As soon as it finishes you will want to hear it again.


Letter To A Young Poet “a gentlemen is never rude, accept on purpose,” love the riff springing out of this tune.


Pretty much every review I have written about The Fall it’s mandatory to mention the genius of Steve Hanley’s bass, well he is still doing it folks, just listen to A Taste of Money. Oh, and enjoy the “suited and fucking booted” lyric and shouty chorus of I Must Get Clean.


The album closes with Each ending Has a Beginning, much more slowed down and atmospheric, there’s beauty at work here. A perfect end to a perfect album.


I have done the usual three listens; I am not finding fault yet. See you for number three next year gents?






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