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175) Redskins - Neither Washington Nor Moscow

You speak to people of a similar age about music, and you may mention a band, or artist and they say they have heard of them but never heard their music. It’s happened to me since I started writing these basic reviews with Grant Lee Buffalo, Monochrome Set and Whipping Boy to name but a few.


I would imagine many will think that when they see the name The Redskins. Over a four-year period, they released seven singles and one album before splitting and lead singer Chris Dean has never released another note of music. People will remember their skinhead image and their socialist ideals, but did they ever listen to their music?


If you haven’t listened to Neither Washington Nor Moscow do yourself a favour and remedy that now.


You want uplifting vocals, punk, brass, funk, and soul then this is for you.


“Let’s get this situation sorted out,” croons/shouts Dean (he is no classic singer but has the Strummer passion)  as opener The Power is Yours slowly builds as each instrument comes in to deliver a powerful opener and then we have the bass kicking in for Kick Over the Statues as the band settle into a funk groove, a near perfect start.


Not everything works but there are no duds, I can take or leave Go Get Organized and Hold On. However, Keep on Keepin’ On with the chugga chugga start and the excellent horns on the chorus cannot fail to make you move (very minimal by me I can assure you).


Let’s Make it Work and Lean On Me end the album on a high, what a bloody shame there was no more but maybe that’s the point.


Still not convinced how about I tell you it sounds a bit like Dexys Searching for the Young Soul Rebels in places. There you go that should do it. Enjoy.





GIVE IT A STREAM: Keep on Keepin’ On

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