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174) Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorists

The Manic arrived all over the music press and Richey Edwards was good for a quote. No one will forget the picture after he carved “4 Real” into  his arm with a razorblade to prove to Steve Lamacq of his band’s credentials. Considering his disappearance a few years later this was sadly a troubled soul. Wherever he is, I hope he is happy.


I thought they were aiming for more style over substance and was thinking a couple of minor hits before diminishing returns and becoming a side note in music history.


I know this is a recurring theme but with fourteen albums to their name I was wrong.


Is Generation Terrorists any good? Its didn’t sell the millions they predicted but has its moments.


It opens with Slash ‘n’ Burn a terrific way to open any album with a punchy riff.


Motorcycle Emptiness showed me they certainly had substance, the opening guitar is exquisite all these years later and highlights lead singer James Dean Bradfield’s strong vocals. Six minutes long but a joy from start to finish.


I love the ways they launch themselves straight into Love’s Sweet Exile, but I find both Repeat’s monotonous and nothing special and Crucifix Kiss feels like filler to me.


Little Baby Nothing a duet with ex porn star Tracey Lords was a hit, great piano, and their voices work well together.


Six singles were released from the album they knew/know how to write a hit You Love Us and Stay Beautiful are as impressive as the other singles already mentioned.


Eighteen songs for a debut was a tad ambitious but this was a band who had a plan and the talent to follow it through and would become one of the UK’s biggest and most respected bands over the next thirty years just maybe a ten-track debut may have been a better idea.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Motorcycle Emptiness

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