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173) The Armoury Show - Waiting for the Floods

We have had reviews of Magazine and PIL where John McGeoch has been mentioned and let’s not forget his immense contribution to Siouxsie & the Banshees and his involvement with Visage, a considerably talented and innovative guitarist.


After leaving the Banshees McGeoch and his old mate from Magazine John Doyle teamed up with Richard Jobson and Russell Webb from Skids to form The Armoury Show. A supergroup of sorts that came together in 84 with McGeoch and Doyle walking in 86, a recent interview I saw with Jobson he said he would never forgive Lydon (words “self-righteous prick” are used) for poaching McGeoch for PIL scuppering plans for a second album.


The album opens with the single Castles In Spain. It starts well, not surprisingly its McGeoch guitar that captures my ear a lovely couple of riffs  chops through and a rousing chorus, promising start.


Sorry, this is going to get boring, with my love for McGeoch’s playing. Kyrie is okay, I find the chorus not exactly to my liking but McGeoch considering he had not long left the Banshees due to issues is still extraordinary, and it’s his playing that I focus on, listen to him go off on one on Higher Than the World.


We Can Be Brave Again at the right time could have been a hit, its bombastic with a big chorus but this is an album that suffers with a to clean production, a few more rough edges and I think I would be all over this.


Glory of Love reminds me of stadium bound Simple Minds (Sleep City Sleep if you heard the opening line, you would be convinced its Jim Kerr). The title track is overblown but the more I listened to it the more it lodged in my brain and Jobson is convincing.


This is an album that has its moments, the 80’s production jars a bit but to see where they may have gone on a second album would have been intriguing. However, it’s a record that everyone should hear, and that reason is two words, John McGeoch.




GIVE IT A STREAM: You can’t but give it a listen on YouTube and see what you think but if you only fancy a listen to one song give Castles in Spain a go.

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