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166) Skids - Scared To Dance

Stuart Adamson has not been with us for over twenty years, I was surprised when I read that as I had not realised, he had been gone so long and sadly I think it has been forgotten how big a music star he was.


Adamson made the transfer to lead singer with Big Country but for the first four years of his career he was the lead guitarist and co-songwriter with The Skids.


As well as Adamson Skids had another ace up their sleeve with charismatic lead singer Richard Jobson, never afraid of an opinion, an obscure lyric or putting himself out there even in a recent interview I saw he was straight on to John Lydon, I know who my money would be on in that fight.


One of the characteristics of a classic song is recognising it within seconds. Skids manage that with their opener. Into the Valley with its intro is majestic from start to finish, Jobson hard to understand but the callback shouts from the band and a nagging riff elevate it to classic status and the UK top ten.


The title track shows us Adamson was an accomplished guitar player from the beginnings of his recording career and is a slower thoughtful effort whereas Of One Skin is short and sweet. Melancholy Soldiers gets me with the bands backing of “oh oh” and Hope and Glory is all slashing guitars and a tattooed drumbeat.


The Saints Are Coming is another classic single still urgent and classy and Calling the Tune is big on beats, riffs and chorus, magic. Integral Plot the vocals and guitar work together before Adamson takes us out.


Stuart Adamson was solely responsible for Charles; it’s a glorious tune and Jobson gives it the justice it deserves.


Marks off for Dossier, Six Times and Scale which do not really engage me, they are not bad songs but not great.


Adamson and Jobson knew they were good, Scared to Dance backs them up.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Into the Valley

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