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157) Rain Parade Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

I had never heard of Dave Roback but here he is featuring in a second review, I had heard of his band Mazzy Star who featured in review seventy-nine but when asked to review Rain Parade I had heard the name but nothing by them.


I am afraid I am going to be predictable, everything I have read on this band mentions the words psychedelic pop and that’s my instant reaction.


Roback shares songwriting and vocals with guitarist Matt Piucci and bassist Steven Roback and with the addition of drums and keyboards produce a strong debut album. Organ, violin, and sitar are also added by the band to give us the full sound.


After side one I just thought this was okay nothing earth shattering I enjoyed the dream like vocals and guitar line of This Can’t Be Today and 1 Hour ½ Ago is a good song to get lost in and fall into.


However, the traditional side two contains five great songs that elevates this album, opener What’s She Done to Your Mind is just, naff word ahoy, catchy and Look At Merri builds and build slowly and is simple but beautiful.


Saturday’s Asylum has a magical organ sound halfway through and is it any surprise to say a song called Kaleidoscope is perfect for a band so heavily associated with the Paisley Underground sound.


The album ends with Look Both Ways which would not sound out of place on a Monkees record, and I mean that as a compliment.


Turn on, tune in, drop out is the phrase I believe.




GIVE IT A STREAM: What’s She Done to Your Mind

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