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155) The Woodentops - Giant

The Woodentops have been around for forty years.  In that time, they have released three albums.  That does that do not make them the most prolific, but the band was dormant for several years whilst frontman Rolo McGinty pursued a separate career in the dance underground.


Giant was their debut album, released in 1986 which was prime time for me , fifteen years of age and obsessed with the indie charts and they were regulars on evening Radio 1 shows and when the Indie Chart was on The Chart Show.  


The first time I heard them was Love Affair with Everyday Livin’, then and now I loved it, fast and furious and as infectious as hell and just a masterful song.


There is always a danger of an album not living up to the single, well guess what the rest of the album is just the same, we have the basics here, guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard all over the twelve tracks with the occasional accordion and trumpet thrown in but it’s the bands use of the acoustic and the percussion that draws you in.


Get It On builds nicely with a lovely chugging beat and Good Thing the bands backing vocals compliment beautifully with lead singer Rolo.


The up-tempo numbers, the already mentioned Love Affair, Love Train, Hear Me James, Shout and Travelling Man still get me to bang my foot along, not good for my arthritic left knee but they are worth a bit of pain.


This is a band who know how to take it down a notch Last Time has a restrained vocal and picked guitar solo and Everything Breaks is a mid-paced satisfying end.


This record has brought me joy for nearly forty years without a dud track and for that alone must score full marks.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Love Affair With Every day Livin’

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