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141) Vegas

It’s 1992 and Annie Lennox solo career has taken off big time with Diva, so Dave Stewart is looking for something to do.

Terry Hall had seen diminishing returns with The Colourfield, and his last project Terry, Blair and Anouchka had hardly set the world alight. Guess what, he was looking for something to do.

I worked in the centre of Glasgow at the time and every lunchtime I would head into a second-hand record shop called Missing (in a different venue now but still a great shop if you are ever in Glasgow) to see what I could get hold of.

I was flicking one day and thought that looks like Terry Hall and Dave Stewart on the front of the CD so spent something like a monumental £2.99, I have always been flash with my money, taking big chances.

I had no idea they had come together as Vegas. It didn’t chart and was deleted for many a year. I had got rid of all my CDs due to storage (don’t ask) but whenever I read anything about either of them, I always checked the streaming sites to see if it was there. It has finally re-appeared, time to listen to an album I had not heard in about twenty odd years.

It's a little gem of a record. Ten tracks, nine originals with a cover of She thrown in for good measure.

That these two artists were not at the commercial peak is irrelevant as artistically they seemed to bring out the best in each other with Stewart exceptional here with the music kept to a minimum of electro, acoustic guitar, and reggae beats.

Hall opens his pipes and with lyrics like “I'm either innocent or just plain stupid. What's the betting I'll regret it” he was talking my language then and now.

The opener Possessed and Walk Into The Wind (with Siobhan Fahey) are the best two tracks for me. This is a whole album to enjoy She’s Alright is smart and clever, The Trouble with Lovers gorgeous, Nothing Alas Alack just vastly different and Anthem/Wise Guy has a lavish opening, a lovely shuffling beat and some samples dropped in as well.

If you have never heard this album, you are missing out.



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