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151) David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

I ran a poll about a year ago, every letter of the alphabet and you name your  favourite band/artist then did quarter finals etc. I fully expected The Beatles to romp home with maybe the Stones or Radiohead to win. I was wrong Bowie won it by an absolute mile.


Truth is I know Bowie’s singles, nothing more. I think songs like Heroes and Changes are magnificent but, in my opinion, Let’s Dance is incredibly boring (I know I’m probably wrong).


Aladdin Sane was Bowie’s sixth album and his first UK number one. Ten tracks, nine Bowie originals and a cover of The Stones Let’s Spend the Night Together, I prefer the Stones version, but Bowie’s is not without its charm.


Two singles were released from the album The Jean Genie is instantly recognisable, one of his classics. I like The Fall (you may have noticed) so a chugging riff is always going to get me, no arguments it’s a fantastic song. Drive-In Saturday has wonderful backing and excels as he hits the chorus.


Watch that Man ironically reminds me of the Stones all big guitars and very much of its time, Mick Ronson is all over this album.


The title track has one of the weirdest pianos. I am no fan of jazz but in researching this many mentions it is very jazz like. As a luddite it sounds as if it’s been lifted from a different track but bizarrely fits the song.


There is not a dud on this album. Panic in Detroit, Cracked Actor and Lady Grinning Soul all stand out as well, but Time starts as if it could be in a musical before Bowie mentions wanking and Ronson decides to add guitar all over it.


Bowie is a unique talent, an icon, a legend and has left his mark forever on the musical world. You all know this. I am just learning.




GIVE IT A STREAM: The Jean Genie

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