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15) Suede

I had decided I was too old for concerts but in 2019 at forty-eight I attended my first concert in eight years as Suede performed at Kelvingrove, they were superb, I would be back at concerts, then Covid arrived, bugger.

Suede I always felt were under appreciated. They never got the success of Oasis or the respect of Blur. I’m not a huge fan of Oasis, they do have some tunes, and I enjoy Blur but thought Suede deserved so much more.

People seemed to dislike Brett Anderson’s personality and voice but after seeing them on television, The Chart Show or TOTP’s I was in.

Tensions between the rest of the band and Bernard Butler were well known but they made two sublime albums together so although there was friction the creativity still shone through. Butler’s guitar playing is remarkable and the fact he has not been in a group or released anything solo in twenty odd years but is still so well-known shows his unbelievable talent.

The First six tracks on this album are of the highest quality. Even casual listeners will have heard Animal Nitrate and The Drowners. You are missing out if you have never heard So Young, She’s Not Dead, Moving and Pantomime Horse, they are exceptional.

The album tails off a bit after this but it’s no criticism as they are still in fine form and Metal Mickey and The Next Life round of a stunning debut, shockingly they would surpass it with Dog Man Star.

It went to number one; I am not so sure the first line up of Suede ever had it so good again.


GIVE IT A STREAM: The Drowners

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