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146) The Devlins - Drift

The Devlins, nope I had never heard of them. Drift was their debut album released back in 1993. I am twenty-two, remember the fountain of knowledge on music, quick to slate anything and a music snob but as I said I had never heard of The Devlins, and I thought I knew it all when in fact I knew bugger all.


Suede, The Fall, The The and That Petrol Emotion all released albums back in 1993 which is where my head was at (suppose it still is) and I know I wouldn’t have liked this back then. It’s a bit to clean for me.


Now I am more mature (cough) I can appreciate the clearness and playing of the songs. Lead singer Colin Devlin reminds me vocally of Mike Scott and opener I Knew That for me is the best song on the album all scratchy guitars and an understated vocal, Every Time You Go has a lovely reverberating riff throughout the song.


Turn You Round the drums remind me of U2 New Years Day, but a nice fat guitar makes it their own and a raw female backing vocal elevates the song.


The title track is understated but the more you listen to this album the laidback nature draws you in and I imagine Almost Made You Smile was the song that would have people nodding along when performed in concert.


The later songs do not grab me as much, but Necessary Evil has a good chorus and a wigged-out guitar at one point and As Far As You Can Go has traditional Irish instruments incorporated into the sound, nice contrast.


I imagine the reason The Devlins did not become huge stars is there is no standout song on the album, do not get me wrong they are all well executed but there is not one that jumps out but maybe that’s the point.


A worthwhile listen.


6.75/10 (the more I listen I am sure this will go higher)



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