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145) The Clash

We have reviewed the Pistols, Damned and The Stranglers debuts but now, in my opinion let’s get to the best UK punk debut as we have the classic The Clash.


Strummer and Jones up there with Lennon and McCartney for me as two of the best songwriters this country has ever produced Mick could put a tune together and Joe knew his way around a word or two.


Fourteen tracks, one a cover and seemingly rattled out over three weekends.


Albums are considered good if they contain two to three excellent songs and some good ones, but I would argue The Clash contains six classics.


Jones had written I’m So Bored With You but a tweak by Strummer and we had their first anthem in I’m So Bored With the USA, masterful already.


White Riot was exciting the first second I heard it and still is, I can barely understand Strummer but the acceleration and ferocity that the band attack this song still gets the adrenaline going, the rougher version on this album much better than the single.


London’s Burning Strummer hollers, I had no idea what the Westway was but a perfect song about the boredom of youth and dissatisfaction.


Career Opportunities again we have rough guitars and Strummer delivers a great lyric, special mention to Terry Chimes drumming here.


A six-minute reggae cover version, surely not on a punk debut but Police & Thieves show The Clash were more than two-minute shout along band.


Garageland has a wonderful guitar opening and Strummer’s vocal, an acquired taste for some, is forceful and direct. Joe was responding to negative criticism of the band. A great end to an album.


Throw in Janie Jones, Hate & War, What’s My Name and 48 Hours and you can see to this day why there is a deep love for this band.


Just thrilling.




GIVE IT A STREAM: Garageland

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