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144) Faust - So Far

Faust are part of the early 70’s experimentation artists from Germany like Neu! Can and Kraftwerk where electronic music and avant-garde come together.


It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl opens and the start reminds me of the Dolly Parton hit 9 to 5 when the piano comes in after thirty seconds, maybe Dolly was a big fan and ripped it off but the hypnotic beat lodges in your head and there is a great sax at the end of the song (its only like Dolly for ten seconds).


On the Way to Abamae is an instrumental with a lovely picked acoustic guitar.


No Harm is a ten-minute track and for the first four minutes we have horns, and all is quite pleasant then it goes bizarre, I’m no musician but sounds like slap bass and funk with one line sang again and again. What is this profound line I hear you ask, “Daddy, take the banana. Tomorrow is Sunday.”  Must be heard to be believed, and then heard again.


The title track has some lovely horns on it and Maime Is Blue is plain strange with feedback and a chant.


Car and TV should have been used for a cheap looking 70’s cartoon before the sax goes everywhere.


The album finishes with Put On Your Socks that you could see being played in the background as your gran eats cucumber sandwiches and drinks her tea.


I had never heard this, would I listen to the whole album again, no probably not but It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl and No Harm are worth anyone’s time.




GIVE IT A STREAM: It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl

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