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142) Pulp - This Is Hardcore

Pulp were one of the UK’s biggest bands after Different Class and Jarvis Cocker had become even more famous after wiggling his bum at Michael Jackson at the Brits and being arrested. Fame was not sitting well with him, and the band were dealt a blow with long term member Russell Senior quitting.

Pulp were struggling having finally achieved what they had always wanted, success.

The Fear tackles the problems head on and is marvellous, lovely backing singers and the song builds and builds, they may have been struggling with stardom, but the band deliver here.

Dishes opening with the line “I am not Jesus but have the same initials” still makes me smile and should make you want to hear it.

Party Hard is more dance orientated but Jarvis whispers and croons with the best of them, great bass as well by the much-missed Steve Mackey.

Help the Aged was the comeback single, at the time I was not that impressed but it has grown on me through the years and for all the plaudits thrown Cockers way through the years I do not seem to remember many about his voice, he may be trying to retreat but his voice here is superb.

Blur have been praised for experimenting, listen to the second single here the title track with strings and piano as Jarvis talks sex, it got to number twelve, it has no right to be a hit single, but this is a band distancing themselves from Britpop.

TV Movie, A Little Soul and I’m A Man any band would be proud to have in their cannon.

Seductive Barry is over eight minutes, but we have Neneh Cherry and interesting arrangements its broody and intense but hypnotic as well.

The Day after the Revolution takes us out on an album that is considered a bit of a flop as it sold a fraction of Different Class. Here’s the news it’s a totally different record but just as bloody good.



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