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14) Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Logic

A five-piece band emerged from Wales with this belter of a debut album in 1996. They delivered nine albums over a thirteen-year career. They were never huge, but all their records received complimentary reviews, respectable sales and the band have a healthy legacy with most looking back on them fondly. As far as I am aware they have never formally split up so we can always hope they will reappear one day.

The album opens with God! Show Me Magic and it feels as we are joining the song halfway through as we are straight in. Its fast paced and frantic and sets us up nicely. I first heard of them with the single Something 4 the Weekend and managed to buy the album second hand. I thought it would be average if someone had traded in that quick, but it was cheap, and I loved the single. Whoever sold it thank you.

Hometown Unicorn has a beautiful riff, and a gorgeous chorus and Bad Behaviour reminds me the golden age of glam as it rattles along at breakneck speed.

Long Gone reminds me of John Lydon and John McGeoch era PIL. For Now and Ever ends the album with an almost community feel.

A gem of a band and album.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Hometown Unicorn

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