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13) The Cramps A Date With Elvis

We were not impressed with Paul, Stan, Norman, and Hugh as rock star names with The Housemartins. Step forward Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of The Cramps, or Erick and Kirsty if we want to be boring and use their real names.

The band were active from 1976 until Lux’s death in 2009, They released eight albums and to be fair were a cult act with Ivy on guitar usually in nylons and high heels and her lead singer husband no stranger to a heel as well.

The band were from the punk scene and performed at CBGB’s and seem to have been forgotten and underappreciated and relegated to a novelty act due to the way they looked.

This was their most successful album in the UK with a mixture of Rockabilly, punk, and cabaret.

How Far Can Too Far Go, opens like an Elvis song until Lux comes in. The guitar at the start of What’s Inside a Girl? is catchy as hell and then we have the thumping Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? which any band would love to have in their cannon.

Ivy joins Lux on vocals for Kizmiaz, almost ballad like and to be honest, just plain daft. Cornfed Dames Lux is in great form.

This is a fun throwaway album, there is nothing here to make you think but The Cramps existed to take you away from the dismal day to day drudgery. Mission accomplished.


GIVE IT A STREAM: Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?

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