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129) Trashcan Sinatras - I've Seen Everything

I have done a couple of reviews of Scottish bands that we all know but sadly the sales never matched how fondly we think of them in Love and Money and Goodbye Mr MacKenzie. Here is the hat trick, the Trashcan Sinatras

They have been going nearly forty years and are what I would say are a respected band but sadly no matter the reviews and the quality of their music they do not get the sales.

Many a crap band sell loads (I was going with Wet Wet Wet again but let’s go with Westlife for a change) so that should not be the judge, its should be the music.

The album opens with acoustic guitar and just lead singer Frank Reader before we are hit with swelling guitars and strings on Easy Read before we go into the even more impressive Hayfever opening with the line “Hello, I’m Harry, I’ve had women, I’ve had germs” who would not want to listen to that?

Bloodrush has a bit more adrenaline running through it and Worked a Miracle reminds me of Aztec Camera at their best.

The Perfect Reminder, a one-minute interlude, love the Scottish accent and Killing the Cabinet the bands vocal interplay is beautifully done and uplifting. The musical shift halfway through It’s Immortal needs to be heard as do the guitars on Send For Henny.

One At a Time is the song for me I’m guessing the lyrics are ironic as the band perform heroics over a loud, aggressive tune, its big and very clever and the band then slip back into a grove with the title track.

The album ends with Earlies that Belle & Sebastian must have taken inspiration from.

That’s three essential Scottish albums you should listen to and add to your collection.



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james millar
james millar
Oct 23, 2023

Moscow's in Ayrshire

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