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127) Magazine - Real Life

I recently read The Light Pours Out of Me the excellent biography of John McGeoch, I’d strongly recommend it. I saw McGeoch play with PIL on the Happy? Tour at Edinburgh Playhouse and enjoyed the albums he played on with PIL and his work with Siouxsie & the Banshees. Apart from the singles I was not that aware of his first band Magazine.

I knew that Howard Devoto had left Buzzcocks as that was not the direction he wanted to take, and he brought McGeoch on board.

Debut single Shot By Both Sides (with a co-write from Pete Shelley) is rightly regarded as a classic, still today forty-five years later its fires with urgency and Devoto, for him, delivers a passionate vocal.

Opener Definitive Gaze and My Tulpa just listen to the keyboards from Dave Formula and McGeoch just throwing in intelligent guitar riffs that elevate Real Life and show the progression from punk.

Motorcade is McGeoch riffing in the background and taking the song in a different direction two minutes in with Devoto manfully trying to keep up. All the band crash in so would be remiss to not also mention Barry Adamson on bass and Martin Jackson on drums, clearly Magazine were Howard’s idea, but they were a group.

The Great Beautician in the Sky Magazine take us to the fairground which is not really for me but The Light Pours Out of Me you will know and If you do not, then you should.

Parade takes us out, mainly Devoto singing over Formula’s keyboard, it is dramatic, edgy, and beautiful all at once.

I took from the biography that McGeoch was a respected musician that did not maybe get the credit deserved.

This album shows his and the bands talent.


GIVE IT A STREAM: The Light Pours Out of Me

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